Brandon (brando124) wrote,

song that is currently stuck in my head

If it hurts, kiss it better.
you wear skirts, i write nice letters.
never said nothing with flowers
though we always talked for hours.
and it seems to get much colder
when you cry on your own shoulder.

and we know the show must go on
i guess i know, i guess i'll throw on
some jefferson airplane
i'm trapped and i am enclosed
but i wont complain, I'll open all the windows
cuz when it's colder, i feel much better.
when i cry on my ow sholder
i'll just throw on a sweater and go
and i'll undergo a change of heart, a change of clothes.
and when i'm home
i think i'll go eat cereal and stare out the window.

i'll make the calls, you cover your ears.
niagara falls still flows on new years.
i will save your plunging neck-line
kiss your face, you tried to deck mine.
if i behave it's going to cost him,
skip the rave in downtown boston.
and we know the show must go on......
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